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For undergraduate courses: five credits (excluding languages like Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba) but including English and Mathematics will qualify you for a foundation which means you can study over a period of four years. A few colleges have what you call Year1 degrees which are essentially teaching both the foundation and yr1 of a University within a year. These are suitable for more mature students and those with stronger grades. Some are happy to go ahead from age 17 as long as grades are very-very good. For three year degrees, you will need in addition to WAEC/NECO good grades at Advanced levels in three subjects or OND with very strong passes or first year of a Nigerian University. You can also use a degree foundation certificate but DFP are on a case-by-case basis. Some HNDs are qualified for entry into Yr2 or Yr3 depending on level of passes. For Postgraduate courses, you will need a very good second class lower. Many courses require upper class while some prestigious Universities will require no less than upper second class. However, those with 3rd class or HND can go for a Top-Up degree course.

These are courses designed for holders of HND or sometimes third class degree to enable them upgrade from HND to Bachelor’s degree or remedy a poor grade at first attempt. In most cases a University may be unwilling to allow you repeat same degree as you cannot do a degree twice. If you have BSc Computer Science third class you are unlikely going to be able to get admitted into BSc Computer Science but in some cases you might secure admission into BSc Networking or Data Security, Web Technology or even Business Information Systems. Many schools are flexible enough to allow HND/BSc 3rd class into certain courses they call conversion courses like Marketing, Business Studies, even if they are not from business background; these are packaged in such a way that most of the modules are covered intensely within the duration of the top-up. HND have no problem with continuation of their previous course; HND Computer Science can do BSc Computer Science since it shows progression.

A transcript for a school leaver is like a list of each subject you took and grades tabulated JSSI: Term I, II and III; then JSSII: Term I, II, and III up to SSI and SSII. SSIII will be term I and II only while the WAEC/NECO is usually the term III.

There are some Universities and Colleges who will waive these test, we also have more schools recently allowing international students into a University Preparation Program (UPP) for both undergraduate and graduate studies. It means you need to write these test before you enrol. Those looking for scholarships should do these test as most scholarships will require them. TOEFL is used for admission and not necessarily scholarships.

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